The first official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. movie»

As previously promised, Nintendo has released the first official teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros. from Universal and


What is known

The cartoon was announced back in 2018.The 145-second video focuses on Bowser plundering the penguin kingdom and stealing the star. Meeting actually with Mario (Mario) lasts just a few seconds, where he says only one line. Also featured was Toad (voiced by Keenan-Michael) and Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day).

Note that in the trailer we were not shown Princess Peach (Princes Peach), which is voiced by Anya-Taylor-Joy (Anya Taylor-Joy ') and Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) Seth Rogen (Seth Rogen) and other members of the gang.

The cartoon will appear in cinemas around the world on April 7, 2023.