The first OnePlus TV will be presented very soon.

Xiaomi company is currently actively developing the TV market. The percentage of sales is growing much faster

than competitors. Another Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, seems set to follow suit. OnePlus phones quickly became popular and in demand on the market due to the perfect combination of quality and price. The time has come to take the next step - release your first OnePlus TV.

Oneplus tv

Information that the company OnePlus alreadyactively working on his first TV, was on the web at the end of 2018. Then the online media reported the possible launch date for 2020. But, apparently, everything will happen much faster. According to the latest data, OnePlus TV will be released in mid-2019, perhaps in a couple of months.

Oneplus TV is the internal name of the TV. OnePlus Smart TV will be different from the TVs available on the market today. OnePlus plans to introduce Smart TV, which will work on its own AI-engine. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities, the TV will be able to easily interact with the smartphone, quickly connect to it, display various reminders and notifications, traffic information and not only on the screen. In addition, the new TV will have a built-in camera.

It is worth noting that the head of the company OnePlus inthe launch time of its latest flagship OnePlus 7 Pro in India announced that OnePlus TV is the company's next target in the Indian market. No further details or hints followed. It is obvious that India will become the first country where the new OnePlus TV will be launched. Russia’s turn will not come immediately, as was the case with Xiaomi.