The first private spacecraft in space: Ilon Musk sent Ripley's dummy from Alien to the ISS

This morning, for the first time in history, a private spacecraft set off for the International Space Station (ISS). This

Crew Dragon from Elon Musk's SpaceX.

How it was

The launch took place at 9:00:49 Kyiv time from the launch pad of the LC-39A complex at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. From here, at one time, the American Apollos went to the Moon with astronauts on board.

Crew Dragon launched into spacea Falcon 9 launch vehicle, which then successfully landed on one of the company's unmanned barges in the Atlantic Ocean. This is SpaceX's 35th successful landing.

Why do you need it

The mission itself is test and is called SpX-DM1(Demonstration Mission 1). A Ripley mannequin was placed inside the Crew Dragon ship, in honor of the heroine Ellen Ripley from the film Alien (Elon in his repertoire), as well as a soft toy of the earth. The mannequin is stuffed with various sensors that monitor the condition and performance of the “passenger” during the entire flight. The fact is that Crew Dragon is a passenger ship and is designed to send people into space. Of course, for the first time they did not risk sending living people with him, but Ripley will help to understand how the flight will affect a person. In the future, space tourists will be able to fly around the Moon on Crew Dragon.

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The weight of the people compensates for the load - 182 kg of food, scientific equipment and materials for the ISS.

What's next

Tomorrow at 10 am Kyiv time the shipmust get to the ISS. It will “park” automatically, without the help of astronauts or a robotic arm. If the landing is successful, cosmonauts Anne McClain from NASA, David Saint-Jacques from Canada and Oleg Kononenko from Russia will meet at the Crew Dragon station. They will pick up the cargo and check the condition of the ship.

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Crew Dragon will not stay on the ISS for long:on Friday morning, with another cargo, he will go back to Earth. With the help of a parachute system, he must land in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida.

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