The first reprogrammed satellite was sent into space

The world's first commercial and fully reprogrammable satellite was launched into space. It was launched with

with the Ariane 5 rocket in Guiana, the researchers note that it will open up opportunities for new, more flexible types of communication.

Unlike conventional models, whichDesigned and hardwired on Earth and cannot be reprogrammed once into orbit, Eutelsat Quantum allows users to tailor communications to their needs in near real time. The satellite was launched into orbit approximately 36 minutes after launch.

Since it can be reprogrammed whileOrbiting in a fixed position 35,000 kilometers above Earth, Quantum will be able to respond to changing data and secure communications needs over its 15 years of operation.

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The 3.5 ton Quantum model has eight armscommunications, each of which can be modified to change the coverage area, as well as the power of the telecommunication signal emitted by it. According to Eutelsat representatives, with the help of software provided to the customer, these changes can be made "in a matter of minutes."

This means that the satellite can be used forproviding mobile coverage for moving objects such as airplanes or ocean vessels; or for providing coverage after disasters or for one-off events. In a time of growing concern over digital security and the potential use of space as a weapon, the Quantum satellite is able to pinpoint the origin of signals and take action to eliminate interference.

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