The flagship Meizu 16th is available in Russia: first look

Users have not even had time to really try the 15 Plus model fromMeizu as the Chinese have already

have brought a new smartphone to the market with a claim to the flagship level of the Meizu 16th.Yes, it is necessary to write and pronounce the name of the model with a suffix, and with gratitude to the person who came up with this.

Positioning and cost

The company is positioning a novelty clearly - this is a new one,stylish, powerful flagship brand. In the home market there is also a plus version, but it will not leave China. But the main thing that the user should know about this device is the processor here is a normal Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and no Exynos, and even more so - MediaTek. He also received top sensors for his cameras, a SuperAMOLED display with AOD support from Samsung, a separate sound processor and a powerful amplifier for surround sound in stereo speakers.

For lovers to make from your smartphonewe will immediately note that the bank account and payment instrument, the device does not have an NFC module Pre-order today will cost the customer 37 thousand rubles for a version with 6 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 GB drive, while the top version of 8 GB of RAM and 128 drives cost 43 thousand rubles. So, let's take a closer look at the device.

Design, ergonomics

When you see any device, then in the headImmediately come the epithets in a few words, for Meizu 16th - elegance and stylish conciseness. With laconicism everything is true, the smartphone looks somewhat simpler than many competitors, it is devoid of certain features in the design, no curved displays and glass, no exit modules with cameras. And in this is felt the power.

With ergonomics, the smartphone is great,the manufacturer has worked the moment for glory. The device is very convenient to use with one hand, the materials are pleasant and practical, the weight and dimensions are optimal. The device seems to be not heavy, but it does not even feel like an empty soap box. According to the manufacturer, the back panel consists of a set of pressed glass plates for unique refraction and reflection of light. It looks just like high-quality glass. The perimeter is bordered by a metal matte frame, everything fits perfectly, no gaps. The front panel without concavities and protuberances, smooth, covered with protective glass, the feelings of Gorilla Glass. Upstairs all the sensors are under glass, with a camera at the edge and a rather loud speaker.

The bottom end exposed the jack of a mini-jack forheadphones, microphone, USB-C port, perforation of the additional speaker. Both of these dynamos work in pairs, creating stereo sound. On the right side of the control button, pressed nicely, do not play. Slot for two SIM cards on the other side. On the back panel there are two lenses of the main camera on top, below them a laser for focusing and a powerful design of six LEDs as a flash.


Now with a diagonal of more than five inches no oneTo surprise, here is a six screen, SuperAMOLED matrix has a resolution of 2160x1080. There are frames around the display, although they are minimal, but there is enough for convenience. The display occupies 92 percent of the entire front panel. There is a backlight function. It is clear that the quality of the display is just top, viewing angles, clarity, contrast. Saturation, it's all top notch. Stock brightness enough for a sunny day.


Cameras novelty got the same as inThe predecessor, however, produces significantly better results. Apparently, the camera software was optimized, or they wrote all over again. The quality of the pictures is excellent, the noise is suppressed delicately, the color reproduction is close to natural, the detailing is high. The blur mode is still not very accurate due to raw software, but from the third time it’s almost perfect. True, with the blur, you get smoothing and improvement (in their opinion) of the face.

For night filming, cameras are one hundred percent suitable,Of course, the P20 Pro is better in this case, however, our hero is not far behind. And the pictures are excellent without a special night mode. Video shooting is supported in 4K, there is optical stabilization, the zoom three times does not even degrade the quality. Selfie camera with a 20 megapixel sensor also makes great shots of who is interested.

Performance, autonomy

About the stuffing mentioned above, it is just top,nothing can be higher yet. As for performance, there is only one word to describe - lightning. The interface is smooth and speedy, applications open and switch among themselves instantly. It is clear that there are no such games that Meizu 16th would not pull at maximum settings, showing the optimal fps.

The battery here is non-removable for 3010 mAh,offhand, not enough, but in reality everything is much more fun. The charge with all the included wireless interfaces is enough for a working day, the screen activity eats up the charge at the same time in 4 hours.

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