The floating launch site "Sea Launch" can be transported from California to the Far East

In 2017, S7 Space bought Sea Launch fromthe bankrupt Swiss company Sea Launch for $ 100 million. It was planned that until 2023 the company would launch Ukrainian launch vehicles Zenit from the Odyssey platform, and then transfer to the Russian Soyuz-5. The first launch was scheduled for 2019.

The reason for the transfer of the platform were difficulties with the agreement concluded between Russia and the United States. It deals with the launch of Zenit missiles, but their production ceased in 2014.

“Even if in the future we manage to signnew intergovernmental agreement, the Russian side will have to disclose technical documentation on the new missile to American supervisory authorities in order to obtain a launch license, which Moscow will not agree to. The only way out remains the relocation of the «Sea Launch» to Russian territory."

 source RIA Novosti

Earlier, S7 Space announced the creation of an orbital cosmodrome, where ships will be serviced before flying into deep space, including to Mars.