The folding smartphone Galaxy Fold has screen problems

Earlier this week, sales of the Samsung Galaxy folding smartphone started in the United States and several other countries around the world.

Fold. Some journalists and tech bloggers received the devices for review purposes. The new product received a lot of positive reviews, but after a few days, problems began with the display.

What is known

Steve Kovach, editor of CNBC, was the first to report this. One part of the screen of his sample stopped working, and after a while, the whole screen began to flicker.

After this, a similar problem occurred withBloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. He didn’t notice any flickering, but the protective film on his smartphone was peeling off. He took it off, but it caused the screen to break.

Exactly the same situation happened with blogger Marcus Brownlee.

Three journalists from The Verge also complained about a problem with the Galaxy Fold screen. For example, one of them noticed a bulge in the bend and white lines on the device's display.

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What does Samsung say

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer.The manufacturer promised to look into the problem of each sample. In addition, the company will convey to users that the special protective film is an integral part of the screen and cannot be removed. This may cause damage.

Source: The Verge (1, 2), XDA