The four drinks that make you gain weight the fastest

There are many reasons why metabolism can slow down. These include hormonal changes, age,

changes in muscle mass. The drinks you drink also affect this. Discuss

Lifestyle and the habits associated with it can greatly affect your metabolic rate. If you refuse these four drinks, then the process of losing weight will go faster for you.

  1. Sweet drinks. It can be soda, and sweet coffee ortea, and juice, and energy drink. Harvard Health notes that such drinks can not only interfere with weight loss, but also lead to diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, stroke, heart attack. At first, nutritionists advise to give up at least one sweetened drink per day, and then further reduce their number or replace them with something like water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened soda.

  2. Alcohol. Research shows that alcoholcan speed up metabolism for a while. However, if you do not take into account this period, then there are several other factors due to which your metabolism can slow down after drinking. For example, alcohol leads to poor quality and short sleep, can negatively affect the process of digestion and absorption of necessary substances, causes dehydration, and reduces the likelihood that you will regularly exercise.

  1. Decaffeinated coffee instead of regular. Caffeine can drastically increase your metabolic ratesubstances, and if you are used to plain coffee (that is, caffeinated), then switching to a decaffeinated drink can lead to a slowdown in metabolism. If you want to boost your metabolism by drinking decaffeinated coffee, you need to stay hydrated, move more, exercise, avoid sugary drinks and too much alcohol, sleep well.

  2. Anything that is not water. If you drink very little water and mostly consume other drinks, then this can cause a slowdown in metabolism.

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