The French army tests the Boston Dynamics robot dog on the battlefield

The four-legged robot Spot from Boston Dynamics takes an active part in the training of the French army. Command

trying to figure out how while unarmed robots can interact with people shoulder to shoulder.

And what have the robots forgotten there?

According to French media reports, Spot and several other robots are capable of providing ground forces with information about the battlefield, which is otherwise problematic or too dangerous to obtain.

In addition to Spot, the robot ULTRO and Barakuda participated in the exercises, whose tasks included covering the fighters from fire and other targets associated with immediate danger.

Not without excesses:During one of the exercises, Spot's battery ran out and had to be returned to base. There is not much news in the world about the military use of robots, but Boston Dynamics is known to receive funding from the military. Most likely, this state of affairs is caused by secrecy.