The FSB ordered a new cyber weapon - it can leave an entire country without the Internet

Digital Revolution hackers have published an archive of 12 documents, diagrams, and code snippets for the Fronton project,

which were created in 2017 and 2018. The customer of these developments was the military unit No. 64829, better known as the FSB Information Security Center. According to hackers, 0day (0DT LLC) and InformInvestGrupp CJSC participated in the development. At the time of writing, these companies had no reaction to the allegations.

There are three versions of the program -Fronton, Fronton-3D and Fronton-18. With their help, you can infect devices from Internet of things systems, combine them into one network and attack servers that are responsible for the stability of the Internet in small countries.

Probably, this network consists of 95% IP-cameras and digital video recorders, according to hackers. These devices are cracked with a dictionary of typical passwords from the Internet of Things devices.

The documents indicate that the attack of severalhundreds of such devices can completely stop the operation of social networks and file sharing for several hours. The development of this system began after, in October 2016, infected Internet-of-things devices attacked 70 major Internet services. Then Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Paypal and Amazon stopped working for several hours.

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