The fusion reactor KSTAR sets a record: it holds the plasma longer than ever

Scientists are studying nuclear fusion technology using various experimental devices. One of

reactors for such synthesis - the KSTAR tokamak -is located at the Korea Institute of Thermonuclear Energy. The scientists who work with him have taken an important step forward. They managed to maintain the plasma temperature in it at 100 million ° C for 30 seconds. This became possible due to the optimization of the magnetic field conditions and the reactor heating systems. Earlier, in 2018, KSTAR held this temperature for only 1.5 seconds, in 2019 - eight seconds, and already in December last year - 20 seconds.

The goal of scientists is to maintain the temperature of the plasma in100 million ° C for 300 seconds by 2026. The project is being implemented by upgrading the power source and using a tungsten divertor, it will prevent an increase in the temperature of the inner walls of the chamber.

The idea behind fusion energy isrecreation of the processes taking place inside the Sun. Huge gravitational forces, combined with intense heating and pressure, create a plasma in which nuclei collide with each other at high speed, forming helium and releasing energy.

Tokamaks are meant to recreate thisprocess here on Earth. They have special coils, they are placed around the reactor and they hold the plasma with the help of a magnetic field, heated to millions of degrees. The main thing is to hold it long enough for the nuclei to merge.

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