The game about the village streamer from Russia is sold with 85% discount

Steam digital distribution service has again equipped gamers with a profitable offer. This time on the platform

a special offer has been launched, in which a game about a village streamer from Russia is being sold at the maximum discount. It's about Valakas Story, which came out literally last year.

As the main character Valakas Story actsAn elderly streamer Valakas, who lives in a distant Russian village. Thanks to his passion for online broadcasting of games, he quickly managed to gain popularity on the network, but in 2015, Valakas suddenly changed, which made subscribers wonder if Valakas was really sitting at the monitor. So, in the process of passing the game, gamers will have to find out what exactly happened in 2015.

If earlier the cost of the game was alreadysmall money, namely 102 rubles, now, taking into account the 85% discount, its price has fallen to a ridiculous 15 rubles. Note that the special offer is temporary and will be completed tomorrow.