“The game is almost finished, but the work on it is not completed”: Bloober Team commented on the readiness of Silent Hill 2 remake for release

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Last week, the media reported that the remake of the horror Silent Hill 2, which is being developed by

Polish studio Bloober Team, is almost ready for release, and its sales may reach 10 million copies.

Many gamers took it too literallywords attributed by news portals to Bloober Team director Piotr Babieno, and began to bombard the company with questions that it is not yet ready to answer.

Contrary to their own rule not to comment on rumors, the game designers published an appeal in which they clarified the situation.

What is known

The Bloober Team clarifies that the announcement that the Silent Hill 2 remake is ready for release is exaggerated and taken out of context.

The main work on the game is completed, but aheadanother big stage of “polishing” horror. In addition, the Polish studio cannot disclose any deadlines, since this is the responsibility of the Konami publishing house.

As for the forecast of “10 millioncopies sold,” according to the statement, “the company did not share sales forecasts for its games, including the remake of Silent Hill 2.” What is meant is not entirely clear: either Peter Babeno said too much, or the media distorted his words.

The developers are pleased that millions of gamers are waiting for their game, but they are urged to trust only official sources: messages from Konami and the Bloober Team.