The gang of cyber ransomware REvil was taken really seriously

According to three private sector cyber experts working with US authorities and one former official,

This week, the REvil ransomware group was hacked and taken out of the network as a result of a joint operation by intelligence agencies of several countries.

Former partners and associates of the ledRussian criminal gangs were responsible for a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline in May, which led to widespread gas shortages on the US East Coast. Also among the direct victims of REvil is the largest meat producer JBS. The criminal group's Happy Blog website, which was used to leak victims' data and extortion from companies, is no longer available.

According to officials, in the attack on Colonialused encryption software called DarkSide, which was developed by the REvil group. Tom Kellermann, head of cybersecurity strategy at VMWare, said law enforcement and intelligence officials prevented other companies from falling victim to the gang.

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The group leader, known as “0_neday,” who helped reopen the group after the previous closure, said that REvil's servers had been hacked by an unnamed party.

“The server was hacked and they were looking for me,” wrote 0_neday on the cybercrime forum last weekend. "Good luck to all; I'm leaving".

Attempts by the US government to stop REvil, oneof the worst of dozens of ransomware gangs that, along with hackers, infiltrate and paralyze companies around the world, have intensified since the group hacked into US software management company Kaseya in July.

This hack opened access to hundreds of Kaseya customers at once, leading to numerous emergency calls to respond to cyber incidents.

Source: reuters

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