The government told why the departure of Microsoft from Russia is good

Vasily Shpak, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that Microsoft's exit from the Russian market is in the future

will only have a positive effect. Discuss

From the point of view of developers and manufacturersof domestic software, this step (Microsoft's departure from the Russian market - approx.) is certainly positive. In the medium and long term, it will have a very positive effect on their capabilities and on those market niches that they can occupy. I am sure that the question of a significant increase in the competitiveness of solutions is only a matter of time. With increased demand and access to the consumer, with their feedback, our developers will be able to make a breakthrough in improving the quality of their products.

Vasily ShpakDeputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Shpak believes that Microsoft's departure will not increasethe number of pirated versions of the operating system. He also recalled that in Russia there are already domestic operating systems, such as Astra, Viola, Red OS (all this, however, is used in government agencies or corporations).