The graphics of new games for the low-cost Xbox Series S console will be radically improved

Information has appeared on the Web that Microsoft has provided game developers with a new set of tools. FROM

with it, they will be able to significantly improve the graphics in games for Xbox Series S.

It is reported that as part of a fresh setdeveloper, the Redmonds gave developers more control over the console's memory. To be more precise, we are talking about "hundreds of additional megabytes" that game manufacturers can use.

Recall that the Series S has a total of 10 GB of memory. Of these, only 8 GB is provided to developers - the remaining 2 GB is allocated for the needs of the operating system of the device.

It is also worth noting that the Xbox Series Swas originally positioned as a console aimed at 1440p at 120 frames per second. At the same time, the price of the device is extremely pleasant - only $ 299.