The HarmonyOS ecosystem already has 1.2 million registered developers. Why is it important?

The number of mobile application developers for the HarmonyOS operating system now exceeds 1.2 million,

according to a Security Times report. More than 300 partners have contributed to the new Huawei ecosystem.

During the announcement of HarmonyOS 2.0 at the beginning of June, Huawei officially confirmed that there are about 500,000 developers in its ecosystem contributing to the development of the platform. Just two months later, the number of developers more than doubled.

Huawei is putting a lot of effort into its newmobile platform, constantly working to improve it based on developer feedback. Recently, the company's head of consumer, Yu Zhengdong, confirmed that HarmonyOS 2.0 is installed on about 40 million devices.

Earlier, the Chinese tech giant announcedits intention to reach nearly 300 million devices with HarmonyOS by the end of the year. Now, looking at the pace of deployment, the company has expanded that target to 360 million devices. Of course, such expansion is the key to the company's success in the market, which in recent years has been divided between iOS and Android.

HarmonyOS 2.0 differs from EMUI software, includes several new features and user interface changes, an improved new home screen, service widgets, HarmonyOS fonts, smart folders, collaboration security, and more.

In addition, the ideology of HarmonyOS is based ona single core for all imaginable device types. However, at the moment, the new OS is only available in China, while users around the world are still waiting for the distribution to begin.

Source: ithome

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