The head of Boston Dynamics told when the company will start selling its robot dog.

Last year, representatives of Boston Dynamics promised that in 2019 they will start selling their robots. And this year

finally voiced more specific dates.


At TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics & AI founder and CEO Mark Rybert (Marc Raibert) said that their first commercial product will be the robot dog SpotMini, and showed the production version of the four-legged "pet."

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While this is only a test version of the robot, butJuly — August, mass production will begin. SpotMini will receive a new case, which will protect it from falls, cameras from all sides for a better view and keep the mechanical arm-manipulator.

First, plan to release only a hundred robots. How much it will cost such a "dog" - until they say, the price tag will be known in the summer.