The head of Huawei changed his mind about retiring due to US sanctions

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei recently gave an interview to reporters in which

raised the issue of US sanctions.

What did you say

The head of the Chinese company said he was going toalready resign from his post. However, due to the imposed US sanctions, he remained in office. According to him, pressure from America motivates him.

By the way, Ren Zhengfei a couple of months ago75 years old, so he thought about the rest for a reason. Huawei Technologies Co. He founded Ltd back in 1987, and a year later became its CEO. He still holds this position.

Now Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. And Zhen himself in 2005, Time Magazine included in its list of 100 most influential people of the year.

Journalists also asked the CEO for a renewal of the license by the US government. The head of Huawei stressed that this will in no way affect the company's plans.

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