“The historical paradigm that a woman is an appendage of a man. But this has already begun to change, ”- Anna Artamonova, Mail.ru

Anna Artamonova— Vice Mail.ru President, Director of the Mail and Portal, Instant Messengers and Search business units.

She graduated from the faculty of the periodical press of the Institutejournalism and literary creativity. Since 2003 he has been working in Mail.ru. Anna Artamonova’s responsibilities include Mail.Ru and Mail.Ru portal, including media projects and a number of services - Mail.Ru Answers, Welcome Mail.Ru, Mail.Ru Cinema, Cloud Mail.Ru, as well as the Mail.Ru for Business platform.

In 2011, Forbes magazine included Anna Artamonova in the list of 30 most prominent figures of the Russian Internet business.