The ice has broken: Intel has received a license to cooperate with Huawei, Qualcomm is next

Looks like Huawei has a light at the end of the tunnel: the government has allowed Intel to resume cooperation

with a Chinese company.

What does it mean

Recall that US sanctions prohibit Americancompanies, as well as foreign manufacturers who use American technologies in their work, cooperation with Huawei. The only way out is to obtain a special license from the American government, which permits cooperation. But so far the US authorities have not been generous in issuing these documents.

But sources say Intel has received the license and will be able to resume shipments to Huawei. Details are not yet known, but most likely we are talking about Intel processors for Huawei laptops.

Also, Huawei representatives confirmed thatthe well-known chip maker Qualcomm, which has been negotiating with the government for a long time, is waiting for approval. If the company gets approval, it will be able to supply Huawei with mobile processors instead of proprietary Kirin chips, which TSMC no longer manufactures due to US sanctions.

Additionally, AMD is rumored to have applied for more than one license. Chances are Huawei is on the list too.

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