The ice reinforcement system will create strong winter crossings

The system involves reinforcing ice with special fabrics consisting of continuous fibers.

composite materials. In particular, scientists plan to use carbon, glass and polyester fibers.

During testing, the new method allowed to increase the strength of ice three times, and also changed the nature of the ice fracture. This will reduce the risk of vehicles and vehicles traveling on it.

“The ultimate goal of the study is to obtain material,which reinforces the ice better, makes the structure stronger, changes the fracture mechanism, allows you to determine the reinforcement scheme, that is, the geometry - how the foreign elements will be placed in the ice and under which version there will be a more efficient distribution. We have villages and villages in the region that are waiting for the formation of ice in order to connect with large land, and (Arctic developments) can be applied there. That is, when creating ice crossings, to wash in the ice, make it reinforced, strengthen it - this is one of the problems that we could solve for the Altai Territory ”

Elena Ananyeva, Altai State Technical University

Now scientists are looking for the most effective way to arrange fibers - fabric, tape, braid or single fibers, Ananyeva said.

Previously scientists found outthat the glaciers of the Caucasus decreased by 16% over 30 years. The reason for this was global warming.