The iPad is preparing to move to OLED, and the iPhone Ultra may be moving away from it

For quite some time now, rumors have been circulating on the Web that Apple really wants to transfer the iPad and Macbook to OLED. IN

conditions when a chipset close to the ideal is found inWith the Apple Silicon series, organic crystals could be a major enabler for a lighter, more energy-efficient, and brighter screen, the next major transformation within the series. Korean ETNews reports that Samsung and LG have begun preparations to launch mass production OLED panels for the iPad, and this will be a special technology that combines two types of OLED - rigid on a glass substrate and flexible (allegedly this will make the panel brighter and the picture more uniform).

It is expected that for the first time we will see such iPad Proalready in 2024, the same applies to some Macbook models. Interestingly, there is a hypothesis that Apple is considering the option of transferring the iPhone to microLED - supposedly the Cupertino company intends to roll out the iPhone 16 Ultra with such a screen. The assumption is based on rumors that the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will be released with microLED just in 2024. Whistleblowers tracking orders for screens have yet to confirm these rumors. Ming-Chi Kuo did not say anything of the kind, so for now we are skeptical about this information.

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    According to ETNews