The Japanese showed a miniature fire electric vehicle

Panasonic Corporation of Japan held a demonstration of its latest development - a compact firefighter and

refrigeration electric vehicles. According to a company representative, such devices are primarily intended for business, as they are able to help small companies significantly save on the formation of a fleet.

As it became known, the development of miniatureThe company was engaged in electric vehicles together with California-based startup Tropos Motors. Interestingly, the compact fire engine has all the same features as the full-size version. At the same time, if the average cost of a standard fire engine in the USA is at the level of 500 thousand dollars, then the Panasonic option will cost about 10 times cheaper. For navigation, the electric car is equipped with a TOUGHBOOK FZ-G1 tablet, through which the driver will also be able to track emergency information and contact the operator.

Unfortunately, Panasonic and Tropos Motors are stillThey did not announce when their joint development will go on public sale. But given the electric car turned out to be really interesting, it is likely that this will happen in the very near future - it is unlikely that the technology giant will make potential buyers wait too long.