The killer is here: the creator of Borderlands believes that Epic Games Store will destroy Steam

The developers of Borderlands 3 followed the trend by trading Steam for the Epic Games Store. Game creator Randy Pitchford did not hide

warm feelings for the creation of “epics” and was not shycriticize the Valve store. The Ars Technica publication collected the designer's predictions and statements from social networks about stores, and GG selected the most significant of them.

What is known

Pitchford noted that the Epic Games Store is lackingbasic features that Steam boasts, but future updates will fix this. So, most of the important features will appear in the store in September with the arrival of Borderlands 3.

"It's inevitable that Epic will surpass Valve in terms of performance and quality of service," Pitchford said.

The head of Gearbox also noted that 2K couldmake a simultaneous release of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store and Steam, but the developers decided to help the epics. Pitchford believes the industry will benefit if the game's exclusivity makes the Epic Games store more competitive.

“The huge revenue that Valve received [viaSteam], went to enrich the handful of people who own and operate the company. They got rich because they didn't have to worry about money—Steam had no viable competitor," the Gearbox CEO said.

Pitchford also believes that Epic Games is "the only guy who can break the Steam monopoly and fix everything."

"From my experience, I expect thatEpic's investment in technology will significantly outpace Valve's investment. In 5 or 10 years, Steam may look like a dying store, and other, competitive stores will be the right place [to release a game].

I think Valve will have no choice but togive up and lose or get better. And become better faster than ever before, because Valve is damn good, and have tremendous talent. I do not expect them to surrender or lose, ”said Pitchford.