The Lancet: no more deaths from British strain than others

In the new work, scientists analyzed the results of a study of analyzes of 496 patients with COVID-19. They compared

the course of the disease among those infected with the British strain and other variants of the coronavirus.

Of these, 58% of patients had the B.1 mutation.1.7, characteristic of the British strain, it was absent in the rest. Scientists compared mortality rates and severity of the disease and found no significant differences.

As a result, the proportion of deaths in the two groups turned out to be comparable: 16% and 17%. The symptoms also appeared with the same severity.

Scientists make a conclusion based on the receivedresearch has shown that existing COVID-19 vaccines will remain effective from the UK version. However, scientists have confirmed that the British strain has a higher degree of infectiousness: the spread of the strain was 1.35 times higher.

A second study was also published witha large sample: 36 thousand people. Participants reported a positive coronavirus test and described their symptoms throughout the illness on the COVID Symptom Study mobile app.

The authors compared the mean severity of symptoms and the incidence of re-infection with the density of the British strain in the region. It turned out that there was no correlation.

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