The largest electric steam completed its debut flight

Electric propulsion systems in the marine fleet are gaining popularity due to their efficiency, which

forces shipbuilders to look more and more closely at these marvels of technology.

Ferries are a Great Testing Platformelectric SU, because time after time they move along the same route. The Norwegian shipping company Ampere, which has become a pioneer in the use of clean energy in shipping, provides impressive statistics. Emissions from all-electric ferries were reduced by 95% and costs by 80%.

The main character of our story, the ferry Ellen -It is 60 meters long and 13 meters wide and runs through island ports in southern Denmark. According to Ampere, the use of such vessels will prevent the release of two tons of carbon dioxide, 42 tons of nitrogen oxides, 2.5 tons of fine particles and 1.4 tons of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere per year.

Ellen is capable of carrying approximately 30 cars and 200 passengers. And she completed her first commercial flight on August 15 between the ports of Soby and Fynshav in southern Denmark.

Does this mean the end of ICE in seafaring? Time will tell.