The largest robot in the world began to walk

Researchers from Gundam Yokohama presented how the largest robot in the world made several

steps. Prior to this, the device was only able to move its limbs and head. Now it can travel short distances on its own.

This robot will be part of an amusement parkGundam, which they want to open during 2020. The entire ride is built around the popular Gundam anime universe. It tells about the distant future, where people fight each other with the help of huge humanoid robots.

Previously, Gundam Yokohama Factory presented testsnew robot. In the video posted by the developers, you can see how the robot goes down on one knee, raises and lowers its limbs or index finger.

The design of the robot completely matches the appearancethe main character of the anime Gundam, the longest (by the number of episodes) in the history of this genre. The robot's story brings together dozens of TV series, OVAs and feature films produced by the Japanese studio Sunrise. Gundam was used as the basis for Transformers and other popular animated films.

The robot is being developed using an openRobot Operating System (ROS) and Gazebo simulation software. The engineers have already presented a full-scale virtual copy of the robot, which will allow novice programmers to develop their own actions and poses for the device.

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