The largest social network will be punished for illegal collection of images of the faces of users

Illinois US residents accuse Facebook of illegally collecting face images of users for technology

recognition. For this, the largest social network will be punished.

Facebook will have to pay $ 550 million. Interestingly, the trial began in 2015. Then the residents of Illinois filed a class action lawsuit demanding compensation for the unlawful collection of biometric data by the social network. The plaintiffs claimed that Facebook’s face recognition system to automatically identify people in uploaded photos allowed users to collect and store biometric information. And this violates the law adopted in the state in 2008.

Media reports that each of the victims of the illegal actions of the social network will receive at least $ 200 compensation.

“This case should be a loud call forcompanies whose clients care about their right to privacy and, if sent, will fight for these rights until the Supreme Court until they receive fair compensation, ”said one of the plaintiffs' attorneys.