The latest flagships of 2019 Oppo Reno3 and Reno3 Pro break records

On December 26, Oppo introduced its new flagships Oppo Reno3 and Reno3 Pro. The company decided to take the bull by the horns

and on the same day it opened pre-orders, and today, on the last day of the year, sales of the flagships began.

How much?

For the basic Reno3 with 8/128 GB of memory they are asking $485, the version with 12/128 GB is priced at $530.

Reno3 Pro costs $573 (8/128 GB) and $640 (12/256 GB).

Take it!

Even at the start of pre-orders it became clear thatthe Reno3 series will be a success. In just two days, 1.46 million orders for flagships were placed in China. 580 thousand registrations came from the online store

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In addition, the line became the champion for booking on TMall in 2019.

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