The launch complex, from which Gagarin flew into space, will be shut down at Baikonur

Now from the “Gagarinsky start” they launch only rocket "Soyuz-FG" with the Ukrainian control system,

which is gradually being decommissioned. According to Rogozin, “a few such missiles” remained at Baikonur.

After abandoning Soyuz-FG, Soyuz 2.1a missiles will fly to the ISS from the upgraded 31st site. At the same time, Progress trucks are now launched only from it.

Earlier, the Soyuz-FG rocket delivered to the ISS a manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-12 with cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin, Nick Haig and Christina Koch.

October 11, 119 seconds after starting withthe Baikonur cosmodrome, the Soyuz rocket has deactivated second-stage engines. The crew of the ship was evacuated and survived. The main cause of the Soyuz-FG missile accident was the failure of the sensor responsible for the separation of the first and second stages of the carrier.