The main differences between the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro

A couple of days ago, two new products from the sub-brand of the Chinese tech giant — this is Redmi K20

and Redmi K20 Pro (detailed review).Their official presentation took place in Beijing, where the starting prices for smartphones were announced: from 1999 yuan ($289) and 2499 yuan ($361), respectively. Phones have several differences, some of which you may not even realize. Therefore, we decided to write a separate post on this topic.

What distinguishes the Redmi K20 Pro from the Redmi K20

Let's start with the most important thing — this is the processor. Старшая модель получила топовый на сегодняшний день чип Snapdragon 855, на котором работает большинство флагманов, а K20 — Snapdragon 730. Скажется ли это на производительности? Безусловно! Но не критично.

Let's move on… Fast charging. Both smartphones received support for fast charging. Only the Redmi K20 Pro has a 27 W parameter, and its younger brother — 18 W.

На этом отличия между Redmi K20 Pro и Redmi K20 не заканчиваются. Мало, кто знает, что новинки используют разные линзы в камере. Хотя обе заявлены как 48 Мп. Итак, Redmi K20 Pro поставляется с 48-мегапиксельной основной линзой (IMX586), а вторая — с 48-мегапиксельной основной линзой (IMX582). Разница между объективами есть, хотя оба имеют одинаковое разрешение. Лу Вейбинг, генеральный менеджер бренда Redmi, рассказал об этом немного подробнее.

The main camera of Redmi K20 uses a Sony sensor48MP IMX582, and many people may be hearing about this sensor for the first time. Both are 1/2″ sensors that support up to 48 megapixels from Remosaic hardware. The main difference is that IMX582 supports 30 frames video recording at 4K resolution, while IMX586 supports 60 frames video recording at 4K resolution. Since the video recording capabilities of the Snapdragon 730 also support up to 4K/30fps, the IMX582 meets the requirements of the platform. So, we can say that there will be no differences on the Redmi K20 even if you use the IMX586 sensor.

The list of the main differences between the Redmi K20 Pro and the Redmi K20 can be completed.