The main trend of 2021 is predicted

Experts from the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor predicted the main trend of 2021. According to their

It is believed that technologies to combat loneliness will begin to gain popularity this year.

"2020 has shown us that loneliness isa fundamental public health problem to which we believe there will be an unprecedented technological response in 2021, ”the experts shared their opinion.

They also predicted that in countries with 5G inin the near future, they will begin to exploit technologies of augmented and virtual reality in holographic means of communication. They believe e-health will use AI-based chatbots to support single people.

And experts really have a reasonThinking that the trend of 2021 will be technology to combat loneliness. So, for example, in the United States during the pandemic, the demand for dating services and chat bots has sharply increased.