The market of "smart" watches is growing rapidly, but the leader does not change - this is Apple

According to Counterpoint Research, the smart watch market continues to show rapid growth this year,

but the leader is still Apple.

How many?

In the first quarter of 2019, deliveriessmart watches increased by 48%. The lion's share of the market is occupied by Apple with its Apple Watch line - it has 35.8%. For the same period last year, the figures were slightly lower - 35.5%. For the year, Apple Watch shipments grew by 49%. This is due to the success of Series 4, the most popular function of which was the ability to make a cardiogram (albeit, while it does not work for everyone).

In second place, but with much smallerSamsung, which accounts for 11.1% of the market. Although a year ago it was 7.2%. For 12 months, shipments increased by 127%, mainly due to Galaxy Watch.

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Next in the ranking are Imoo, Fitbit and Xiaomi Amazfit. Also worth noting is Huawei, which has so far only 2.8% of the market. But a year ago, it accounted for only 0.5% of the smart watch market.