The meteorite that fell in Cuba weighed 360 tons and moved at a speed of 64,800 km / h

A meteorite was spotted in the sky over the province of Pinar del Rio - the object was included in the broadcast of a cricket match, it

Several eyewitnesses filmed.“We were very lucky that at least three relatively good videos, including one in very high quality, were available on the Internet in such a short period of time. To reconstruct the trajectory of a meteorite, at least three observation points from the ground are required,” says lead author of the study Jorge Zuluaga.

The researchers analyzed the video and the wreckage of the space body - on the basis of this data they were able to obtain information about the meteorite.

Astrophysicists found that the meteorite weighed about360 tons and entered the atmosphere at a distance of 76.5 km from the coast of Cuba in the Caribbean. Its speed was 64.8 thousand km / h, it moved along a relatively straight line to the northeast. At an altitude of 22 km the meteorite exploded, and the largest part fell into the ocean off the northwestern coast of the island.

Earlier, astronomers conducted a chemical analysisL-type meteorites - chondrites - one of the most common in the solar system. It turned out that in the asteroid belt there is not one, but several of their sources.