The Mind Ripper attacks: Rocket League will host a Very Strange Case Event

"Very strange things" have already visited Fortnite, and now will please fans who play in the Rocket League.

What is known

Haunted Hollows - the upcoming temporary event,timed to Halloween. The developers did not begin to stuff the game again with pumpkins and skeletons, but teamed up with Netflix to arrange a collaboration with Very Strange Things.

The event starts on Monday, October 14 andwill last until November 11th. During this period, Rocket League players will be able to drive on a Farmstead stylized Reverse Dimension track. In addition, a new currency will appear in the game - Sweet popcorn. Earned in the activities of "delicious", gamers will be able to spend on "top-secret items created by the Hawkins National Laboratory."

Judging by the trailer, gamers can also see the Ripper of the Mind, but that's not for sure: