The Ministry of Digital Development finally proposed to allocate frequencies for 5G

A meeting of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies was held at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Russia, at which the department

proposed to transmit frequencies in the millimeter wave (24.25-27.5 GHz) for 5G. Discuss

The Ministry of Digital Development believes that it is necessary to provide conditionsfor 5G use in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer the frequencies in the millimeter range, which are used by radio relay stations, in favor of fifth generation networks. In addition, the department proposes to make civilian bands in the 4 GHz band. This will allow operators to simplify the necessary due diligence for 5G networks and obtain guarantees for the use of the band.

Some of these initiatives may come into force from 2023of the year. The Ministry of Digital Development explained that this will improve the speed of the Internet and facilitate the introduction of 5G in Russia. The fifth generation networks are planned to be deployed on the basis of domestic stations.