The most accurate map of all volcanoes on Venus has appeared

Since the discovery of active volcanism on Venus a few weeks ago, interest in studying the planet has

has risen sharply recently.According to an article published in the journal JGR Planets, planetary scientists Paul Byrne and Rebecca Hahn of the University of Washington have created the most comprehensive map of 85,000 volcanoes.

“We came up with the idea to compile a globalcatalog because nobody has done it on this scale before,” said Rebecca Hahn, the study’s first author, a graduate student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of Washington, in a press release. The scientists used the ArcGIS software.

The new map gives the most complete picture of the 85,000 volcanic structures on Venus. Credit: Rebecca Hahn, Washington University in St. Louis

The new study includes an in-depththe study of the location of volcanoes, patterns of their accumulation, and how their geographic distribution is related to planetary geophysical characteristics such as crustal thickness.

Mapping methodology used in the study. Photo: Khan and Brun, Washington University in St. Louis

What's more, the new study offers the most complete picture to date of the volcanic characteristics of Venus, and perhaps of any other planet's volcanism.

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