The most beautiful games of 2019 are determined

The authors of the Digital Foundry channel have compiled a list of games that have the most beautiful graphics today.

Thus, the first place in this rating was given to two games at once, namely the sensational Death Stranding and the popular shooter Metro Exodus.

In addition, second place was also shared by twogames, including Control and Gears 5. As for the third line, it is occupied by the remake of Quake II RTX, which, according to the authors of the channel, “unlocks the potential of ray tracing technology.” The list also included the cyberpunk first-person shooter Ion Fury, which was recognized as the best game that conveys the retro era. The list also included the medieval stealth action game A Plague Tale: Innocence, which was noted for its high level of development.

A complete list of games with the most beautiful graphics to date looks like this:

  • Death stranding