The most expensive Apple headphones are relatively easy to repair

It's a shame to break the headphones for 63 thousand rubles. But it would be even more offensive if they were difficult to fix. Fortunately,

As experts from iFixit learned, AirPods Max are repairable.

AirPods Max was rated 6 out of 10 by AirPods Max (10 points for the easiest devices to repair).

Of the advantages, experts noted that the ear padsattached to the headphones with magnets. That is, no additional removal tools are needed. The headband is detached from the ear cups with a simple paper clip, like for a SIM card slot. Emitters and battery are fixed with screws.

The experts were not too happy about the fact that fordisassembling the headphones will require a wide range of tools due to the large number of screws of different types. But the experts called the non-standard Pentalobe screws and the use of glue in the structure as an unconditional disadvantage.