The most popular person on Instagram has been identified

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo has become the undisputed leader among users in terms of the number of followers on Instagram. On

it has over 250 million subscribers. This is the first time the service has crossed such a threshold, except for the account of the Instagram platform itself.

Now Ronaldo's page by number of subscriberssecond only to the Instagram account itself. It has 382 million subscribers. That is, Ronaldo can be called the most popular person on the social network.

According to the media, singer Ariana Grande was in second place in this rating. It is read by 214 million users.

Meduza recalled that in 2020 one of Ronaldo's posts became the record holder for likes - 19.7 million. This post dated November 25 was dedicated to Diego Maradona after his death.