The most powerful tidal turbine in the world launched in Europe

A 680 ton tidal turbine starts generating electricity at the European Marine Energy Center in

Orkney, an archipelago located north of the mainland of Scotland. The researchers note that this is a "big step" for the UK's nascent marine energy sector.

Scottish engineering company Orbital MarinePower described how its 2-megawatt turbine was anchored in a pond near the Orkney Islands and an undersea cable connected it to the local power grid on land.

The 74 meter long turbine is expected to beoperate offshore for the next 15 years, the company said. According to the researchers, this capacity will be enough to meet the electricity needs of about 2 thousand British homes.

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The turbine will also transmit power toa ground-based electrolyzer that will produce the so-called "green hydrogen". In a statement, Orbital Marine Power CEO Andrew Scott called the news "a milestone for O2."

Financing for the construction of a turbinethe researchers obtained from government lenders through Abundance Investment. The Scottish government has also provided £ 3.4 million (about $ 4.72 million) in support through the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund.

Michael Matheson, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Energy and Transport, said his country "is ideally positioned to exploit the huge global green energy market."

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