The Moxie companion robot develops with the child and teaches him to talk about his feelings

During a session that lasts 15 to 25 minutes, the child can interact with Moxie, play games, or read with


The robot has a round head, arms like flippers,and the overall body is reminiscent of Eve, the futuristic hobby robot from WALL-E. His "face" is a convex screen brought to life with expressive facial animation. The robot can rotate around its base to spy on playmates with its built-in camera. His torso curves up and down smoothly, and his arms sometimes resemble an excited child. Almost every element of Moxie is designed to convey a strong sense of personality, from its friendly voice to its oversized puppy eyes. To its target audience - children from 5 to 10 years old - Moxie practically seems alive.

According to the creators of the robot, it can becomeexactly what many children need during a pandemic, especially those without siblings. “Many children suffered from social isolation, which led to stress and anxiety,” says the manufacturer. “Families report seeing their child become much calmer, more thoughtful after interacting with Moxie. Children begin to speak much more expressively about their feelings. "

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