The NASA Observatory has detected a powerful solar quake. See what it looks like

NASA's Solar Dynamics Space Observatory (SDO) has recorded seismic activity on the Sun. About

opening the Spaceweather reported solarquake researcher and New Jersey Institute of Technology professor Alexander Kosovichev. According to the scientist, seismic activity accompanied the X1.5 class solar flare on May 10, 2022.


Sunquakes are episodes of seismicactivities on the Sun, similar to earthquakes, but much more powerful. Solar tremors were first detected in 1996. They accompany some, but not all solar flares. As a rule, the energy of sunquakes is 40 thousand times greater than the famous earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.

As during earthquakes, seismic shock waves penetrate the bowels of the Sun, but with an incomprehensible difference. The waves accelerate to 400,000 km/h as they pass through the sun, and then suddenly disappear.

Scientists note that we are at the beginning of the 25thcycle of solar activity. The eleven-year cycle began in December 2019. We are currently in a fast-paced part of the cycle. This means that more solar earthquakes can be expected in the near future.

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