The neural network has replaced the actors of the series The Witcher with characters from the game

YouTube channel author Kris Treger has posted a video with an excerpt from the Netflix The Witcher series in which he replaced his face

the actress playing the role of Yennifer, on the face of a character from the same game. It was implemented using a neural network.

As the author himself writes, many love the universe"The Witcher", but there are people (the creator of the video among them) who categorically do not like the selection of actors for the series. Especially the author does not like the actress playing the role of Yennifer, so he decided to use deepfake technology to correct the misunderstanding. In the video, the face of the actress is replaced by the face of the character Yennifer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Also, the creator of the video said that he replaced the face of Triss. He will probably show the result a bit later.