The new Apple patent says about folding iPhone

Recently, Samsung presented its first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold.

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Samsung isn't the first company to

Other companies, including Huawei, are workingRumor has it that even Apple canThis is even stated in Apple's patent published recently.

Apple patented the foldable smartphone back inOctober last year, and published a patent only last week. It says about the display, which can be bent in two or three times. This display can be used for smartphones, tablets and computers. Mobile accessories and smart watches are also mentioned.

Apple describes it like this: "A foldable display can be used to enhance electronic devices."

This is not the first patent, which refers to the folding iPhone. In addition, there are rumors that in 2020 the company will indeed release a folding iPhone. However, the patent does not confirm anything.

Anyway, it's nice to know that Apple is considering the idea of ​​a folding iPhone design. It remains only to hope that such a smartphone will not cost as much as 2000 dollars, like the Galaxy Fold.