New bracelet muffles microphones around user

“In the current realities, the voice of any person is very simple to record,” said Pedro Lopez, associate professor of Chicago

University who worked on the project. - Since there will only be more recording devices around, our bracelet is a useful protection against attacks on personal data. While it can be used only temporarily - the bracelet needs to be activated when you want to say something confidential. At this time, the device will mute all microphones around the user. ”

Researchers rely on National Public dataMedia, according to which already 24% of adult Americans use the smart speakers produced by Amazon and Google. The prototype bracelet under the working name cyberpunk can be made for just $ 20.

Before entering the market, researchersplan to change the design of the bracelet. While the massive device is equipped with 24 sensors, each of them emits ultrasonic signals in all directions at the touch of a button. The sound is invisible to the ears of a person, however, the microphones that will be nearby will record not the user's conversations, but high-frequency sound and other noises.

“We believe that the rejection of devices with microphones“A strange idea,” the researchers noted. “Instead of a complete refusal, we propose using an additional tool that will guarantee the confidentiality of your conversations at certain intervals.”