The new flagship realme X2 Pro: the fastest of the top

In China, the trend is to separate some successful models of their products into separate brands, or

dilution of a large manufacturer into sub-brands.Probably, the calculation is that some brands will sound better to the ears of certain categories of potential buyers. Yes, and you can use different concepts, see what really works, and what you won’t mind closing later. One of these sub-brands, realme, recently released its next flagship model, the X2 Pro.

Here is a top processor, a lot of operationalmemory, a quad camera, powerful stereo speakers, a capacious battery is the NFC module. At the same time, the price tag for the device is quite democratic, and fits into the category of middle peasants. In principle, the cost-performance ratio of this flagship makes it one of the most profitable smartphones for everyday use. Consider it a little more.

Design, ergonomics, screen

Chinese manufacturers are faster than othersare rebuilding to new trends, the X2 Pro was no exception, the device received a modern design, according to the latest fashion trends. The 6.5 ”screen size around it is quite thin, the front panel display occupies 92 percent of the entire area. The device is protected by fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, both front and rear.

The resolution of the Super AMOLED matrix is2400x1800 pixels. The stock of brightness of the display is more than 550 nits, with contrast and clarity there are no problems at all, since this is Super AMOLED technology. There is enough margin of brightness on a sunny day outdoors easily, auto-tuning works correctly and quickly. At the same time, the screen frequency is 90 hertz, which is not common, and that fans of mobile gaming will really like.

A matte frame ofmetal, the smartphone lies comfortably in your hand. The buttons are all in their usual places, at the bottom there is a USB-C port, a microphone, as well as an analog mini-jack for headphones.

Iron filling

For. To be called a flagship, you need flagship hardware, and above all, a processor. The company didn’t save on it, and under the hood, the device runs the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, manufactured by the seven-nanometer manufacturing process. The chip combined eight cores operating at frequencies up to almost 3 gigahertz. To help the processor, 12 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte drive are installed on board. The powerful accelerator Adreno 640 is responsible for the graphics. Such productive iron cannot be cold, so the manufacturer organized a liquid cooling system.

As for performance, with suchiron, this is not a problem. There are no such mobile applications in the world, such tasks that this bunch would not cope with. The heaviest modern games just fly at maximum speeds, so there’s definitely a margin of productivity for a smartphone for another five years.

Gamers will appreciate not only the power of the processor anda graphics accelerator, but also a vibro motor technology running AI. Artificial intelligence recognizes scenes in the game and adjusts the intensity of vibration for it, in addition, different weapons also produce different vibrations. Even for gamers, there is amazing acoustics with a large margin of volume, and, twisted to the maximum dynamics - they do not wheeze. Of course, listening to music is always better with headphones, since the mini-jack has not been deleted here, so the sound will be excellent, especially since Dolby Atmos worked here. The NFC contactless payment module received support for Google Pay, as the OS here is the ninth android with ColorOS shell.

Photo opportunities

On the back of the X2 Pro is a block offour cameras. The main module received a 64 megapixel sensor, combining the nearest pixels it shoots with a resolution of 16 megapixels, but with better detail. The second module received an 8 megapixel sensor and wide-angle optics, the third module with a 13 megapixel sensor and a telephoto lens produces dual optical zoom and x5 hybrid. The fourth module with a 2 megapixel sensor works as a depth sensor for better bokeh effect.

The quality of the pictures is very good, highdetail, color reproduction is normal, clarity, contrast, saturation - everything is fine. Artificial intelligence fights noise by recognizing scenes and automatically adjusting optimal parameters. The night mode is also present, it combines several frames shot with double exposure. The mode is really night, and it should be set only in the dark, otherwise, the pictures will be corrupted.

The device is capable of shooting video in resolution up to4K, in slow motion you can also shoot - 960 fps. Not all flagship smartphones have similar capabilities, let alone models that are in the same price category.


4000 mAh battery providesautonomy to the device up to 15 hours of video playback in HD resolution. There is enough charge for games for six hours. Such results are achieved thanks to the top-end chipset, as well as the AMOLED matrix. You can read an e-book within 20 hours, while there is support for SuperVOOC fast charging. And it's really fast charging with a power of 50 watts. A full charge from scratch takes only half an hour.


The advantages of the new X2 Pro from realme are enough: highest performance, excellent screen quality, excellent sound, a full range of wireless interfaces, including NFC, powerful photo capabilities, and all this is half the price of comparable flagships.

The prices for the new product are as follows: for the version with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 128 gigabyte drive, you can buy for 33 thousand rubles. The older version with 12 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte drive will cost the buyer 40 thousand rubles.

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