The new flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 will receive capacious batteries and fast charging power of 66 watts

In February of next year, the new flagship Xiaomi - Mi 10 should be released. And the closer the announcement - the more it appears

details about the "top ten."

More flagships

It seems that the Mi 10 will become a whole line of devices. Four models have already passed certification: M2001J2E, M2001J2C, M2001J1E and M2001J1C. Most likely, this is Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro with versions for different countries.

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Maximum autonomy

According to the same certification, the younger Mi 10 models will receive fast charging power of 30 watts. But the older Mi 10 Pro is much more serious: indicated support for charging 66 watts.

Users and batteries will please: Xiaomi product director Wang Teng confirmed that the batteries for Xiaomi Mi 10 will have a capacity of at least 4,500 mAh.

The flagships are also credited with the new Snapdragon 865 processors, 5G support and displays with a frame frequency of 90 Hz or 120 Hz.

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