The new generation of iPad Pro will be presented before the end of April

Rumors of new iPads have been circulating around the web over the past few days. One of them, published extremely

authoritative edition, says that the announcement of the updated iPad Pro will take place in the second half of this month.

Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu wrote about it - twojournalist working for Bloomberg. In this case, the supply of new items may be accompanied by a deficit. It's all to blame for the market crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of it, Apple may not have enough miniLED displays, which will make the iPad Pro a temporarily scarce commodity, like the PlayStation 5 or NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards.

Interestingly, a new type of display is predicted onlyolder 12.9-inch model. At the same time, both modifications will be equipped with the Apple A14X chip, which will be closer to the "laptop" Apple M1, and not the "smartphone" Apple A14.